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By: Miss_Charry on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

We actually check in at view park hotel for 2 nigth. We ate here twice. Its very easy to locate. Whats good thing aswell is, the restaurant is along the road. Its actually in front of "Picnic Grove". I was so amaze with food, you know in Philippines each city has its own best recipe to offer and you will find it here at SIGLO'S. Resonable price and taste is perfect. fast service aswell. 1st set of meal we eat cost us 1000php+ good for 2 persons. We have 2 main dishes. We ordered sisig, bulalo, ubod salad, and cups of rice with drinks. 2nd set of meal is about 800php+ we had rice, lumpia shanghai, sinigang na baboy, buko salad. All recipe they had serve us were great. Also at the hotel we are offered free breakfast its from Siglo aswell so its also good. We enjoy the food so much.. its worth visiting and you'll difinitly agree with me.

By: Seaside706496 on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

When we were in Viewpark Hotel, we ate here for lunch since its within the vicinity and wow! Their food were so good! We had sinigang na hipon and adobong pusit sa gata for lunch and it was perfect! And also, their sinigang na tulingan is a must try! They served it in a bamboo so its a plus! And its super sarap too! Bicol express was great since para narin syang gising gising because of the ingredient! I also loved the service because it we didnt wait that long. And my baby didnt feel bored because they have crayons and pens so its also a plus for me! Will visit again next time!

By: Ronaldonaman on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

Great food choices that cater delicacies and favorites dishes all over Philippines. And since we love veggies, we ordered pinakbet con bagnet and wow it was like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! And because of that our tired body and soul because of long hours of travel was replenished and refreshed!

By: AmyA1807 on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

We had a nice lunch in this place and a surprise after a meeting at the adjacent DAP Tagaytay. They have nice decor, friendly staff and food was very delicious mainly of Filipino cuisine.

By: Terrance M. on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

The place is very relaxed. The menu was varied, satisfying all tastes. Like most places, it was in Filipino and English. My pork dish was listed as spicy but only mildly so at best. Staff was attentive. Everything went down well with a Red Horse beer. The Filipino food has been consistently flavourful, Siglo continuing that tradition. Good value for money. The meals came out at different times but that is simply a local thing.

By: Glenn Y on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

Excellent and authentic Philippino cuisines. The servers are courteous. They can mixed an exotic drink to help set the mood for your dinner.

By: Tohgy T on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

They have good filipino asian dishes and their mirienda items are'nt bad either. I like their coffee. Would deffinitly return.

By: aljreymauricio on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

I ask to serve the food at 7pm and they were able to do it.cozy ambiance.well mannered crew.karekare with bagoong is great.crispy tawilis is excellent and even the gising gising.aligue rice is perfect.sinigang is great not that so asim.they serve pipino water so refreshing.unli coffee for breakfast, the waiter offered another cup of coffee and it was good for cold freezy temp.keep it up.see you again.

By: Daria T on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

Delicious food! Cozy place. While waiting for our orders, we were busy reading some trivia and some fun little games on their paper placemat.

By: Lenzskie on Siglo Modern Filipino
Location: TripAdvisor

Every time we stay in ViewPark Hotel, we are always looking forward to dining in this restaurant. Not only because of their accommodating staff but of course because of the great service and food that they are serving. The place is very cozy and romantic, especially if you will go there every Saturday, wherein they have the acoustic band to serenade while you are having your dinner or drinks.

I would say that this is a great and reasonably priced restaurant!!! 🙂 Kudos Chef! 🙂

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    3500 Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City 4120

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